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The Hang

The perfect place to unwind.

The amount of golf you play is only limited by sunlight. The fun you have has no limits. Once the round ends, the fun continues. As the moon takes over from the sun, the air fills with laughter of truths, rumours and outright lies shared around dinner tables. Flames are crackling up from various fire pits around the property and friends light up cherished cigars, saved just for this trip. A group of 12 has just teed off to begin a round on the Bootlegger Course while four friends settle a score playing corn hole by the bar. In one of the cottages, a fierce round robin ping pong tournament is reaching its crescendo. A poker game is interrupted by a pizza delivery which gives everyone the chance to catch the score of the game playing on the TV. There’s no pool or spa. This is a golf destination in its purest form.