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Real Estate Opportunities

Forest Dunes is the perfect spot for those looking for a retreat from the busy demands of modern life with a potential summer home near two world-­class golf courses. 

The property is completely removed from the fast-paced urban centers that many call home.  With a mix of deciduous and coniferous forests, Forest Dunes provides a welcome respite for those seeking an oasis in an incredible natural setting.

In fact, Forest Dunes offers 1,300 acres in the middle of state and national forested areas that are unlikely to ever be corrupted by urbanization.  Yet, it is still close enough to highways and local airports.

The site has many available lots in desirable locations designed to have proximity to the golf course without directly interacting with the course itself. Homes at Forest Dunes have significant setbacks from the course, presenting a beautiful aesthetic appeal without the concerns some have with living too close to the fairways.

Forest Dunes, which is open to public play, has a limited number of golf club members and only those owning real estate at Forest Dunes are eligible to be members.

“Every real estate lot has a membership opportunity attached to it,” said Forest Dunes president Tom Sunnarborg .  “Our golf club members have access to two of the best courses in the U.S. in Forest Dunes and The Loop, plus one of the best new short courses in the Bootlegger.”  

Property lots start at $75,000 and each one can tap into existing natural gas and electric lines.

Imagine the chance to live, play, and socialize in a pristine natural setting. That's the Forest Dunes lifestyle.

For further information on Forest Dunes real estate opportunities, call Tom Sunnarborg at (989) 275-0700.


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